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Lake Wissota Golf and Events Donation Request Information:

Lake Wissota Golf and Events is proud and honored to support the Chippewa Valley - a community we live, work, and play in. We are dedicated to making a positive impact for generations to come and know that charitable donations are part of being a good neighbor.


Lake Wissota Golf and Events receives numerous requests for donations each year, and each request is reviewed carefully by our team.


Requests We Consider:

Contributions to non-profit charitable organizations, 501-(c)3, schools, and organizations that enhance educational and community opportunities.


Request We Will Not Consider:

Donations will not be awarded to political organizations, fraternal groups or social clubs that engage in any kind of political activity, endowments, operating budgets or daily expenses,  or requests from organizations that discriminate based on race, creed, color, sex or national origin.


All donations are awarded at the discretion of the Lake Wissota Golf and Events team and owners.


How to Request a Donation:

Charitable organizations interested in requesting a donation from Lake Wissota Golf and Events should complete an application online at least one month prior to your event. The application must include the following information:

  • The requested donation from Lake Wissota Golf and Events;

  • How this donation will be used;

  • Why the organization or program deserves the donations;

  • The applicant's nine (9) digit federal tax employer identification number

  • The name, title, email and phone number of the person to be contacted for any additional information and the status of your request.

  • All applications must include supporting documentation of the event (event flyer, mailer, formal request on official letterhead, etc.)

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